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Exam Reference Guide

The Exam Reference Guide contains a brief overview of the Areas of Practice for the exam. It is intended to assist the candidate with study materials and information. Please note it has not yet been updated to reflect the revised CLSO exam (03/19/2017). It is advised that applicants study the 2014 edition of the ANSI Z136.1, as the revised exam is now compliant with this version of the standard. Please pay special attention to any differences in equations between the versions.

Certified LSO Exam Reference Guide

Examination Content

There are nine (9) areas of practice on the subject matter of laser safety. Each area of practice is broken down into tasks needed to be performed by an LSO. To assist you in understanding the subject matter, the areas of practice are provided here.

CLSO Areas of Practice

Area of Practice I – Lasers & Optics Fundamentals – 11%

Area of Practice II – Laser/Optical Radiation Bioeffects – 11%

Area of Practice III – Non-beam Hazards Associated with Lasers – 8%

Area of Practice IV – Laser Control Measures – 17%

Area of Practice V – Regulations and Standards – 14%

Area of Practice VI – Hazard Evaluation & Classification – 15%

Area of Practice VII – Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPE) – 11%

Area of Practice VIII – Laser Safety Program Administration – 10%

Area of Practice IX – Laser Measurements – 3%

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