CMLSO Exam Information

Exam Reference Guide

The Exam Reference Guide contains a brief overview of the Areas of Practice for the exam. It is intended to assist the candidate with study materials and information.

Certified Medical LSO Exam Reference Guide

**Although there is a 2018 revision of the Z136.3, please be advised that the current CMLSO exam references the 2011 edition of the Z136.3.  

Examination Content

There are eight (8) areas of practice on the subject matter of laser safety. Each area of practice is broken down into tasks needed to be performed by an LSO. To assist you in understanding the subject matter, the areas of practice are provided here.

CMLSO Areas of Practice

Area of Practice I – Lasers & Optics Fundamentals – 13%

Area of Practice II – Laser Tissue Interactions- 13%

Area of Practice III – Laser Beam Hazards of Eye & Skin-16%

Area of Practice IV – Non-beam Hazards Associated with Lasers- 11%

Area of Practice V – Regulations and Standards – 15%

Area of Practice VI – Laser Hazard Class & Controlled Areas- 13%

Area of Practice VII – Procedural Control Measures- 12%

Area of Practice VIII – Administrative Control Measures- 7%

Due to health concerns, the spring CLSO/CMLSO exam is being cancelled and the 2020 DOE workshop has been postponed. The fall exam will be held be held prior to the 2020 DOE workshop on August 17th, 2020. Our office team is working remotely and ready to assist you during our regular business hours!

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