Profile of a CMLSO

I am Erin C. DeVita, B.S. Ed, CST, CMLSO, CCRC

I worked in a busy dermatology practice for almost 10 years as a Laser Provider and Director of Clinical Research. There, I developed and oversaw the laser safety program. When I left my position a few years ago to return to school and pursue a new direction, I allowed my certification to expire under the mindset that I no longer needed it, as I was no longer a practicing medical laser safety officer. This was a huge mistake! I realized all the additional benefits that came along with certification that I was missing. Medical lasers are becoming a standard of care in all fields. Certification keeps me abreast of the most current information, standards, procedures, and allows me to network with other laser professionals. Recently, I sat for the certification exam to renew my CMLSO status.

I currently work with Five Phase Medical providing consulting services to the medical, spa, and wellness industries. I encourage every office I consult for to implement a laser safety program and advise of all the benefits certification has to offer.




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