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BLS NewsletterSix times a year we will be featuring an article written by a BLS CLSO or CMLSO.

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Recently Certified

Congratulations to the following recently certified Laser Safety Officers!

Mei Kwan April Chow CUHK Medical Ctr
Olivia R. Fehlberg Edmund Optics
Alexander Lindquist NRE Laboratory
Amin M Hamideh Louisiana State Univ.
Maureen Harris Carolinas Medical Ctr
Anthony Kerstens ZCS AKIA Engineers Inc.
Daniel Atamanczyk Jet Propulsion Lab


To see full list of CLSOs, click here.
To see full list of CMLSOs, click here.

2021 International Laser Safety Conference

ILSC 2021- POSTPONED to 2023! Check the ILSC website for updates and deadlines.  

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