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As the use of lasers continues to grow in both popularity and applications, so too will the growing demand for trained laser safety professionals. The mission of the Board of Laser Safety is to provide a means for improvement in the practice of laser safety by providing opportunities for the education, assessment and recognition of laser safety professionals.

BLS certification will enhance the credibility of a designated Laser Safety Officer, and demonstrates that these individuals serving in the field of laser safety have agreed to adhere to high standards of safety and professional practice.

Featured LSOs

Denny Rossbach

Robert Scroggins

Why Become Certified?

"Certification of persons indicates that the individual has specific knowledge, skills, or abilities in the view of the certifying body..."

"... A certification is a commitment the majority of employers recognize and have been willing to support with training dollars and salary. "

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Recently Certified

Congratulations to the following recently certified Laser Safety Officers!

Billie Harvey UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Sandra Jimenez MD Anderson Cancer Center
Bill Adkins ForTec Medical Inc.
Kimmie McKinney The University of New Mexico
Erika Wilson Columbia Laser Skin Center
Sam Elbekai Alberta Health Services, University of Alberta Hospital
Brian Judah Providence St. Vincent
Zachariah Tribbett Perdue University
Dale Dansie Intermountain Medical Center
Lauri Rozzano Eoloe Medical Center Hospital
Catherine SzPyrka Carolina Medical Center
Steven Marsh Baystate Health Care
Wilma Pinch Huntsville Hospital
Gordon Tannahill Mayo Clinic
Lori Skinner South Shore Skin Center and Spa
Larry McElrath Litho of America, LLC
Burton Wenger UT Southwestern Medical Center

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