About the Board of Laser Safety 

The Board of Laser Safety (BLS) has been providing certification for laser safety officers , medical and non-medical, for over fifteen years. Incorporated in 2002, the mission of the BLS is to provide a means for the recognition of laser safety professionals through certification. BLS certification will enhance the credibility of a designated laser safety officer, and demonstrate that individuals serving in the field of laser safety have agreed to adhere to high standards of safety and professional practice. 

The BLS achieves its mission by:

  1. Offering certification examinations to individuals who have met the qualifications of education and experience;
  2. Acknowledging individuals who have passed the examination by issuing a certificate and allowing them to use the title of "Certified Laser Safety Officer" or "Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer" and the CLSO or CMLSO acronym after their name;
  3. Requiring each CLSO/CMLSO to maintain their certification by obtaining certification maintenance points in laser safety; and
  4. Maintaining and publishing a roster of CLSO's and CMLSO's for public knowledge.

All applications for CLSO/CMLSO submitted to the BLS are reviewed without consideration of age, sex, religion, race, disability or national origin. BLS reserves the right to revise, update, and amend its applications, examinations, policies, and other material related to the certification program at any time.