Renew Your Certification

Thanks for choosing to renew your certification!  Many of your questions about renewal can be answered on this website. Please review our FAQs and your certification maintenance manual. 
If you have additional questions, please contact our office. 

Renewal by CM Points

Click the links below to download each form: 

Certification Maintenance Worksheet (PDF)
CM Point Request Form (PDF)
Conference Verification Form (PDF)
Journal Article Verification Worksheet (PDF)

Renewal by Exam

If you are taking the exam in lieu of points, please complete the below application.

Application for CLSO Exam in Lieu of Points (PDF)
Application for CMLSO Exam in Lieu of Points (PDF)

* Please note: this application is for renewal only during the third year of an active cycle. If your certification cycle has already closed, you must complete the full application process as a new candidate, click here for application materials

Submitting Renewal Documents
Please download our most up-to-date forms from this website. Note that we now utilize electronic invoicing and do not collect payment information on these forms. CM Worksheets and supporting documentation may be emailed directly to bls@lasersafety.orgmailed to our office, or faxed. To avoid late fees, mailed documents must be postmarked no later than January 31 after the certification cycle has ended.