Certification Maintenance


Certification Maintenance Point Categories

  1. Laser Safety Experience, i.e., your job – category maximum1 of 3 CM points total. One (1) CM point per year for professional practice of laser safety to be certified in writing by CLSO’s/CMLSO's supervisor. Refer to page 2 of your BLS Policies & Procedures Manual for specific responsibilities of an LSO.

  1. Education and Training - Attendance2 and successful completion of laser safety specific education and training — maximum of 7 CM points (see Point Breakdown above).

  1. Writing laser safety or laser application related articles published external of your organization in the form of peer- review journals, proceedings, periodicals, books and book chapters, 1 CM point per article. Published magazine or newsletter submissions (print or online) will be accepted at ½ CM point per article – category maximum of 3 CM points total.

  1. Membership in laser safety-related professional/technical organizations or societies, e.g., AORN, ASLMS, LIA, AIHA or HPS – category maximum of 3 CM points total, 1 CM point given per year of membership.

  1. Teaching laser safety courses or laser safety in a course external from your organization, i.e., not part of your LSO job responsibilities – category maximum of 3 CM points total (see Point Breakdown above).

  1. National and International Standards and Regulations Committees- Active participation in laser safety standards or regulations committees external of your organization, i.e., at the regional, state, national or international level – category maximum of 3 CM points total. For example, a CLSO/CMLSO could earn 1 CM point per year for being an active member of ANSI ASC Z136 or one of its subcommittees.

  1. Conferences - Attendance at laser safety or applications professional conferences or meetings. Points are based on the number of laser-related sessions attended. For additional information, click here

  1. Presentations or poster papers at laser safety professional conferences or meetings, e.g., ILSC, AIHce, ASLMS Annual Conference, or LSO Workshop – category maximum of 2 CM points total,½ CM point given per presentation.

  1. Other Activities – Points may be claimed for laser-related activities such as professional certifications (e.g., CNOR = ½ CM point per cycle), reviewing laser safety or laser application related journal articles, or other BLS volunteer activities. Please complete the Journal Article Verification Worksheet3. Article titles and access information will be delivered via the BLS News & Review e-newsletter and/or the BLS website – category maximum of 2 CM points total. 


To review the full Certification Maintenance Manual, click here

To download certification maintenance paperwork, click here.

1For each category, maximum number of points is per the 3-year period.
2Attendance means online, electronic or in person.
3The Journal Article Verification Worksheet may be downloaded here.


 *For continuing education, teaching and conference categories, the CM point breakdown is as follows:

    Point Breakdown:
    < 2 hours = ¼ CM point
    2 hours to 4 hours = ½ CM point
    4 hours to 6 hours = ¾ CM point
    > 6 hours to 1 day = 1 CM point