Certification Maintenance (Renewal)

After an individual has passed the certification examination, he/she will be required to maintain that certification through approved professional development activities over the 3-year certification period. As the industry changes and technology grows, so too must the knowledge of the CLSO and CMLSO. The BLS only recognizes BLS Certification Maintenance (CM) points and may award these points for eligible laser-related activities. 

How to Renew

By CM Points

  • Earn 10 BLS CM Points during your 3-year certification cycle.
  • Document your CM points on the CM worksheet and submit to BLS by the deadline. Include supporting documentation as evidence of points earned.
  • Once your points are approved, you will be sent the renewal invoice of $150. This must be paid no later than January 31 following the close of your certification cycle, or else you will be charged a $50 late fee. If all fees are not paid by May 31 following the close of your cycle, your certification ends. 

By Exam

Don't have enough CM Points to renew? Consider taking the exam-in-lieu-of-points.

  • The exam must be taken before the December 31 deadline.
  • You have one opportunity to pass. If you pass, your certification is renewed for another 3-year cycle. If you fail, your certification becomes inactive. Please note that the retake policy does not apply to taking the exam-in-lieu-of-points.
  • The application fee is waived and the cost to take the exam for renewal is the same as your renewal dues: $150

Inactive Status

If you are unable to renew by the given deadlines and your certification becomes inactive, you must reapply as a new exam candidate with new application materials and new fees to become certified again. Candidates becoming certified after becoming inactive will be given a new 'start' date and a new certification number. If your certification becomes inactive, you may no longer use the designation of CLSO/CMLSO. 

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Recertification Fee Policy

Achieving the designation of Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO) or Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CLMSO) is an accomplishment to be proud of. It took a lot of hard work, determination and dedication to obtain your designation. Don't let your certification status lapse - Renew today!

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