General Advertising Policy:

  1. BLS reserves the right to approve all advertisers and advertisements in publications on the grounds of relevance to the industry, professionalism of ads, editorial and stylistic content, and conflict with products and services offered by BLS, and other reasonable bases as determined by the Executive Director.
  2. BLS reserves the right to refuse advertising.

  3. Advertisers and advertising agencies are jointly and individually responsible for payment of all insertions.

  4. Cancellations are not accepted and copy corrections not guaranteed after closing date for space reservations.

  5. On contract or scheduled insertions, previous copy will be repeated if change is not received by materials due date.

  6. Any revision or special handling of materials will be billed to the advertiser.

  7. Materials will be destroyed if disposition instructions are not furnished by the advertiser.

  8. Requested positions are not guaranteed unless stated as a paid position.

  9. All rates are based on acceptable digital files (see ad specifications). Any production work will be charged extra.

  10. An agency discount of 15 percent will be given to recognized agencies on space, color, and position charges. Production and mechanical charges are not commissionable.

  11. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice. 

Cancellation Policy:

    For booked campaigns (campaigns for which we have received a signed IO/agreement), ad reservations are subject to cancellation fees according to the following schedule:

  • 30 days or less before publication: 100% of the total ad cost  
  • 6 months to 31 days before publication: 50% of the total ad cost  
  • More than 6 months before publication: 25% of the total ad cost