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Director's Message
SLSC 2011
LSO Workshop 2011
ILSC Reflections
ANSI Update
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Special Offer from LIA!!
My Traveling ANSI
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Director's Message

God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 1

Our offices are undergoing change – new carpet and paint on the walls. Right now I need the serenity to deal with the upheaval of packing boxes, strewn-about furniture and altered schedules. It is, of course, only a small hiccup in the scheme of things. Comparatively speaking, our colleagues at Brooks City-base (Air Force Base) in San Antonio are being relocated to Fort Sam Houston. But it started me thinking about change.

What is change? The dictionary tells us it is to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.2

When you Google “change,” results include social change, biological metamorphosis, the mathematical study of change, percentage change and fold change (statistics), personal development, and menopause. There are 27 songs and 11 albums titled “change” (or some derivative thereof). Numerous quotes and proverbs exist asserting change, e.g., It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.3

And so we too must change. This issue of the BLS News & Review reflects a new look that more closely mimics the format of our revamped website. The CLSO exam revision is close to completion, and the CMLSO Review Board will begin its exam revision in the next few months. Innovations to our study materials and increased exam offerings are on the horizon. Remember—

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.4

Barbara Sams
Executive Director

1 Reinhold Niebuhr
2 change. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved May 26, 2011, from website:
3Charles Darwin
4 Karen Kaiser Clark

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My Traveling ANSI

Whenever wedged between a rock and a hard place in Sedona, AZ, Darrell Seeley, CLSO, always has his standard close at hand!

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SLSC 2011

Welcome to the Scandinavian laser-safety event of the year!

The event will specifically address all laser safety officers having laser safety as a secondary responsibility. This will be a great opportunity to refresh and expand your knowledge, to listen to how the laser safety work at other companies and institutions is carried out, to meet fellow laser safety people, and to find out about equipment and services for a safe laser use.

Laser safety courses at two levels are offered,

  • Basic Laser Safety training, 1 day, Tuesday June 14
  • Advanced Laser Safety training, 2 days, June 13-14

Choose your desired level of participation:

  • Conference day, including evening meeting
  • Basic Laser Safety course, from Swedoptronics, in combination with the conference.
  • Advanced Laser Safety course, from Bioptica, in combination with the conference.

Göteborg: Quality Hotel 11 - Eriksbergshallen
Evening meeting on the schooner "Ingo", harbor of Klippan

SLSC 2011 EXTRA! Prof. Söderberg, chairman of ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) to open the conference program on Tuesday afternoon with two lectures:

  • About the Work of ICNIRP
  • Injuries Caused by Optical Radiation

The BLS is a proud Promotional Sponsor of SLSC 2011. Certification Maintenance (CM) points will be awarded based on the number of days attended.
LSO Workshop 2011

This year's LSO Workshop will be hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. The workshop is considered by many to be the premier Laser Safety Workshop in the US.

The workshop features presentations on topics not found in standard laser safety training. Solutions to real-world laser safety issues will be discussed with experts in the field. Attendees will receive the most current data on what is happening in laser technology and how to integrate it into a safety culture.

This year’s program includes mini-workshops on laser hazard evaluation software, a medical session, discussion of laser safety at production facilities, panels on laser safety and facilities, a presentation on custom laser protective eyewear, several industrial related topics, a review of effective on the job training, and much more. As a special treat, Jeff Hecht is scheduled to speak.

This workshop also serves as the official annual meeting of the US Department of Energy Laser Working Group (DOE-EFCOG).

Information and Registration Instructions can be found at: Please go to the web site above for a view of the agenda, plus links to registration and housing information.

The BLS is a proud Promotional Sponsor of the 7th Annual DOE Laser Safety Officer Workshop. Certification Maintenance (CM) points will be awarded based on the number of days attended.

ILSC Reflections

“A 'must do' for every LSO!” --Antonio Triventi

“The Wonderful World of Lasers was alive and well in San Jose during March of this year!” --Bob Sarason

“'The best one ever' seemed to be a common analogy among attendees.” --Susan Hayes


ILSC was four days of networking opportunities, or if you started early, five. On Sunday afternoon, the conference kicked off in high gear with a Welcome Reception where folks caught up with friends and colleagues and met new faces. Monday evening was the BLS Appreciation Reception for all our CLSOs and CMLSOs where we shared stories of work, play and saw our very own Bob Sarason model the new BLS T-shirt!

Our LSOs had much to say about this years' International Laser Safety Conference! Click on the link below for more! Read More!

ANSI Update

The annual meeting of ASC Z136 was held on Sunday, March 13 in San Jose, California in conjunction with the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC). In addition to reporting officers’ and chairs’ appointments and reviewing the activities of the previous year, presentations were made on the topics of furloughing standards subcommittees, marking content of revisions [documents], content of vertical standards, and technical subcommittees’ coordination with standards subcommittees. The topic of membership recruitment was revisited, and items added in new business included a call to provide the public with advisory information on high-powered handheld lasers and whether a safety-rated advisory committee should be created. . . Read More


•Myungchul (M-Jo) Jo, CLSO
•Michael Benson, CLSO, CMLSO


Patrick Anderson MedTronic
Randy Paura Dynamic Laser Solutions Inc
Susan Yeung Simon Fraser University


George Budak NextMed
Bob Carranza Univ. of California Davis
Jerbi Sin Kwan Cheuk SkinCentral
Vonda Crane Wishard Health Services
Lia Fontana UNMH
Lindsey Leckron Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
Deborah Marshall Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
Ralph Natale Sacred Heart Hopsital
Greg Noethen Parkwest Surgery Center
Sherry Poch Maryview Medical Center
Juan Ramirez UNMH
Carla Sanford Halifax Regional Hospital
Edward Tafoya UNMH
Betty Jo Throckmorton Halifax Regional Hospital
Dorothy Sze Man Tsang SkinCentral
Jeff Vaughn Lifeline Medical
Veronica Villalon UCSF


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