Volume 7 – Issue 2


Executive Director’s Message

Sometimes it pays to wear two hats, and this is one of those times I can pay it forward.

Coming Soon! The Laser Institute of America is set to unveil Laser U – a new and easy way for laser professionals to access the best presentations from LIA’s industry-leading conferences and workshops. Based on cutting-edge sessions from the Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) Workshop, ICALEO and ILSC, Laser U offers a convenient way to learn when travel is not an option.

As with LIA’s other online courses, the modules of Laser U will provide flexible access to the information you want. Users will be able to follow the text and audio of each speaker’s presentation at their own pace, over the course of several hours to several days, with the option to follow each slide in order or jump forward or backward as they wish. Any demonstrational videos used by the presenters will appear in the course, as well.

“Laser U gives you practical education that you can apply in your job,” says LIA Executive Director Peter Baker. “Each module is taught by an expert in the field and can be enjoyed at your home or office.”

While intended for the novice, even more important is the need to educate veteran employees vital to the continued adoption of laser technology in automotive, aerospace, medical, energy and defense applications. Baker stressed, “It has always been clear to me that the biggest barrier to the adoption of laser technology is education and training. We can help manufacturing in this country to adopt laser technology by trying to overcome the barriers for those people who are already in the workforce.”

With the exception of the tutorial offered on The Basics of Ultrafast Laser Machining*, which is a two-part presentation, each Laser U course is worth .25 certification maintenance (CM) points. Whether you choose to browse by topic (keyword), conference (ICALEO, LME, LAM, ILSC) or author, these courses offer a way to earn CM points in addition to learning something new in the industry.

Barbara Sams
Executive Director

*The Basics of Ultrafast Laser Machining tutorial is worth .5 CM points.


BLS Appreciation Reception 2013

On Monday, March 18, the Board of Laser Safety held an Appreciation Reception for all certified laser safety officers (CLSOs and CMLSOs) in attendance at the 2013 International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC®).

A networking opportunity extraordinaire for BLS certified laser safety officers, LIA Executive Director Peter Baker made this an event to remember for those CLSOs and CMLSOs who contributed to the CLSOs’ Best Practices in Laser Safety or CMLSOs’ Best Practices in Medical Laser Safety by presenting each with a plaque thanking them for their work on the publications… (more)

Featured CLSO, Surendra Dua

My name is Surendra Dua. I am Ph.D. in Physics, a Certified Health Physicist (CHP), Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO) and Licensed Medical Health Physicist (MHP). I have over 40 years of experience as a Health Physicist/Radiation Safety Officer of radiological labs/fuel processing plant/research reactors…

Featured CMLSO, Judith Biggus

My name is Judith Biggus. I studied nursing and received my degree from the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I work at Cadence Health’s Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) in Winfield, Illinois. As a nurse in the operating room, I cover a variety of specialities including General, ENT, Plastics, Opthalmology, Orthopaedics, and Pediatric sub-specialties…. (more)

ASC Z136 News

The reaccreditation of Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z136, Safe Use of Lasers under its recently revised operating procedures was administratively approved effective May 10, 2013 by the ANSI Executive Standards Council. This action, the successful completion of the reaccreditation process, closed the ASC Z136 audit conducted in June 2012….

Welcome New CLSOs!

Steve Secara Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co.

Welcome New CMLSOs!

Anne Baras Beverly Hospital
Kendall Berry Hahnemann University Hospital
Fred Brownstein HCA Capital Regional Medical Center
Raphael Darvish Skinpeccable
David Linebaugh Penrose-St. Francis Health System
Damien Luviano Southeast Texas Medical Associates
Cristi McNure East Georgia Regional Medical Center
Melissa Prado UCLA Health System
Michael Reistad St. Helena Hospital
Robert Schmitt Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks
Paula Schweikert Physicians Laser Institute
Mohamad Tamim American University of Beirut
Hung Tan The Ottawa Hospital
Liliana Torres-Popp

Save the Dates!

June 6-7, 2013 RLI Medical LSO Training, Cincinnati, OH
June 8-9, 2013 LIA Medical LSO Training, Atlanta, GA
June 10-14, 2013 LIA LSO with Hazard Analysis Training, Niagara Falls, NY
June 19-20, 2013 RLI Medical LSO Training, Dallas, TX
June 25-27, 2013 LIA LSO Training, Indianapolis, IN
June 25-28, 2013 RLI LSO Training, Columbus, OH
August 8-9, 2013 RLI Medical LSO Training, Minneapolis, MN
August 13-15, 2013 LIA LSO Research & Development Training, Orlando, FL
August 14-15, 2013 RLI Medical LSO Training, San Antonio, TX
August 20-23, 2013 RLI LSO Training, Novi, MI
Sept. 10-12, 2013 9th Annual DOE LSO Workshop, Boulder, CO
Sept. 11-12, 2013 LME Conference, Schaumburg, IL
Sept. 17-20, 2013 RLI LSO Training, Quebec, Canada

If your company/organization is planning an event and would like to be listed above, as well as apply for BLS Certification Maintenance points, please contact us at bls@lasersafety.org. Thank you.

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Due to health concerns, the spring CLSO/CMLSO exam is being cancelled and the 2020 DOE workshop has been postponed. The fall exam will be held be held prior to the 2020 DOE workshop on August 17th, 2020. Our office team is working remotely and ready to assist you during our regular business hours!

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