Volume 8 – Issue 4


Message from the Director

It’s hard to believe another year is almost over. There are so many things to share with you this issue; I will try not to inundate!

  • CLSOs and CMLSOs with cycle terms ending December 31,2014, please start preparing your CM renewal worksheets today! If you are unsure of whether you have enough points to
    renew or how to count points in a particular category, please contact Daniela at dbenitez@lasersafety.org


  • Attend these upcoming events (see Updates for details)
    • The International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC) 2015
    • Laser Safety Professionals Luncheon
    • ASC Z136 Annual Meeting and various ancillary meetings
  • ANSI Z136 standards now available electronically from the LIA! “Two of a Kind” sale kicks off the re–launch of electronic Z136 standards available from
    LIA. This is a buy one, get one at 50% sale (same standard – print and electronic formats), only available for a limited time. Follow the link in the banner ad below to
  • New study resource from Bowen EHS! Bowen EHS’ inaugural Laser Safety Officer Review Course is
    now underway. This online review course, which fulfills the BLS LSO training course prerequisite, has also been approved for continuing education by the BLS and AAHP. In addition to the course, Bowen
    now offers free weekly CLSO study questions. These questions are written in the same multiple–choice format as found on the certification exam; solutions detail not only the “how to” but the
    “why”. Sign up for a free membership to receive your study questions.
  • Check out Did You Know? for new OSHA reporting
    requirements effective January 1, 2015.
  • Join me in congratulating the following CLSOs and
    CMLSOs who have been certified 10+ years:
CLSO (since
CMLSO (since
Douglas Ashby Wes Marshall Jose Antony
Ken Barat Wally Mitchell Ray Beauregard
Nadia Capolla Robert Mueller James Case
Luz Cheng Ross Muenchausen Kwok Kwan Chan
Ahsan Chowdary Bruce Murdoch Pat Clark
Eddie Ciprazo Rod Nickell Terri Clarkson
Surenda Dua Jay Parkinson Vangie Dennis
Ben Edwards Jodi Ploquin Erin DeVita
Bill Ertle Tod Richards Susan Hayes
Danny Fok Bob Sarason John Hoopman
Mark Frankfurth Jonathan Schluter Patti Owens
Penelope Galoff Cathi Scogin Penny Smalley
Joseph Greco Randall Scott Susan Taylor
Jamie Gurney Geoffrey Sirr Margaret Wojcik
Douglas Gwin David Sliney
Stephen Hemperly Mordechai Snir
Tim Hitchcock Candace Soles
Richard Hughes Sandu Sonoc
Pak Ching Ip Paul Sorensen
Bill Janssen Dewey Sprague
Myung Chul Jo Tekla Staley
Martin Johnson Nikolay Stoev
Johnny Jones Tracy Tipping
Kimberly Kantner Karl Umstadter
Karen Kelley Allen Wood
Mark Krauss Sheldon Zimmerman
Michael Lefebvre

Thank you all for your continued support of the BLS. As always, if you have any
questions or concerns, please contact us at 407.985.3810 or email bls@lasersafety.org.

Happy Holidays!

Barbara Sams

Executive Director

Board of Laser Safety


Featured CLSO,
Karen Kelley

I love being the LSO, especially at a large research institution. It is exciting to be part of the cutting edge research that is conducted here. The biggest challenge of being the LSO is the
competing priorities for my time and efforts. Laser safety is one of many areas of responsibility. (more…)

Featured CMLSO, Damien Luviano
As a certified MLSO, I provide expertise to the Medical Center for the better protection of staff and patients. Becoming certified has allowed me to be the MLSO for our clinic and allowed for a
simpler process applying for a LASER certificate from our state. Being the MLSO for our own clinic, allows me to immediately integrate change to improve safety of our staff and patients. (more…)

ILSC Update

Preparations are in full swing for the 2015 International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC)! If you have participated at ILSC in the past, you know this event as the
pre-eminent conference for laser safety professionals worldwide. If you have not attended before, join us in Albuquerque to experience firsthand all that ILSC has to offer.

New this year, the BLS will be hosting the Laser Safety Professionals Luncheon. Scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, BLS in conjunction with Laser Compliance® will
provide lunch for all ILSC attendees followed by a Q&A forum on certification. Contact Barbara if you will be attending ILSC and would like to participate
on the panel.

Conference Registration now open! Register today to receive the Early Bird rate!

Stay at the conference hotel, Embassy Suites Albuquerque, to be in the center of activities surrounding the conference. You will
benefit from the ease of opportunities to conveniently network with your colleagues, fellow conference attendees and LIA/BLS staff with simple access to conference sessions and social functions as
well as Z136 and IEC TC 76 ancillary meetings.

ASC Logo


ASC Z136 Update

Committee members – the annual meeting of ASC Z136 will be held on 22 March 2015 in conjunction with ILSC 2015, at the Embassy Suites Albuquerque. Scheduled to begin
at 9:00am, arrive early to pick up your conference materials. Lunch will be provided for meeting attendees as well as entrance to the ILSC Welcome Reception. RSVP is required for meal count
Not a committee member? If you are interested in the activities of ASC Z136 or any of its subcommittees, we encourage you to come to the annual meeting as an observer.

Ancillary meetings – meeting room space is available daily (8:00am to 5:00pm) during the conference. To date, the following ancillary meetings have been

SSC–8, Research, Development & Testing
Start time: 8:00am, Tues, March 24, 2015
Contact: Ken Barat, lasersafetysolutions@gmail.com

SSC–4, Measurements
Start time: 8:00am, Tues, March 24, 2015
Contact: Jeff Pfoutz, Jeffrey.r.pfoutz.civ@mail.mil

IEC/TC 76, Working Group(s) TBD
Start time: 8:00am, Fri, March 27, 2015
Contacts: David Sliney, david.sliney@att.net; Karl Schulmeister, karl.schulmeister@seibersdorf-laboratories.at

If you would like to schedule meeting room space, please contact Barbara Sams at bsams@lia.org. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Did You Know? 

OSHA Update: New Reporting Requirements Start January 1

Beginning January 1, 2015, there will be a change to what covered employers are required to report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. ALT: Laser Institute of AmericaEmployers will now be required to report all workrelated fatalities within 8 hours and all
hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye within 24 hours of finding out about the incident. (more…).

Did You Know? is offered to apprise the laser safety community of industry-related nuggets of information. Please share newsworthy information with your fellow CLSOs and CMLSOs by contacting
us at bls@lasersafety.org.


Save the Dates!

LIA MLSO Training
Jan. 24-25, 2015 Orlando,


LIA LSO w/Hazard Analysis Training
Jan. 26-30, 2015 Orlando,

LIA MLSO Training
Mar. 7-8, 2015 San Jose, CA
RLI LSO Training

Mar. 10-13, 2015 Chicago,
LIA LSO w/Hazard Analysis Training
Mar. 9-13, 2015 San Jose, CA
RLI MLSO Training

Mar. 12-13, 2015 Chicago,
Bowen LSO Online
Review Course

Apr 21- Jun 11, 2015


If your company/organization is planning an event and would like to be listed above, as well as apply for BLS Certification Maintenance points, please contact us at bls@lasersafety.org. Thank you.

Vol 8 · Issue 4

ANSI Z136.9


ANSI Z136.9


ANSI Z136.8



ALT: Laser Institute of America


ALT: Laser Institute of America

ALT: Laser Institute of America

Wishing you the very best the season can bring!

Barbara and Daniela

My Traveling ANSI

Please send your pictures of “My Traveling ANSI” to Daniela at dbenitez@lasersafety.org.

We greatly appreciate your contributions to the BLS News & Review.

Welcome New CMLSOs!

David Bailey
UHS Surgical Services

Deborah Bialek
University of New Mexico

Lenore Bolton
Enloe Outpatient Center

Becky Cannady
Kansas University Health System

Danielle Donnelly
United States Navy

Katharine Fayram
Carlisle Regional Medical Center

Duane Hart
Ohio State University Medical Center

Crystal Hatfield
Columbus Laser Spa

Michelle Jaskunas
Rose Medical Center

Ali Maksoud

Matthew Mitchell
SP Medical Center

Jane Ohu
University of New Mexico

Chan Kathleen Oi Yi
Dr. Tinny Medical Team

Rebecca Record
The Christ Hospital

Amanda Scott

Ryan Scott
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Beth Selinger
SP Medical, LLC

Shauna Sparks
Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Tricie Strausbaugh
Wilson Memorial Hospital

Rogayah Sweilem
King Faisal Hospital

Michael Sykes
Covenant Healthcare

Edward Tafoya
The University of New Mexico

Rachel Thomas
Atrium Medical Center

Laser Classification

In response to an inquiry received by LIA, TSC-1 Chair Bruce E. Stuck provides us with the following white paper on Laser or Laser System
Classification and Risk.
Thank you Bruce and LIA for allowing us to share this work in the BLS News & Review.

The ANSI Z136 series of documents provide practical guidance for the safe use of lasers and laser systems in many diverse configurations and environments. Classification of laser systems on a scale
from Class 1 to Class 4 offers the purchaser, recipient or new user a rapid assessment of the relative hazard or risk to personnel. The laser Class scale is hierarchical and range from Class 1
systems that pose little or no risk to personnel to Class 4 systems that are hazardous with significant risk to personnel. (more…)

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safety by providing opportunities for the education, assessment, and recognition of laser safety professionals. If you prefer not to receive industry related announcements from the Board of Laser
Safety you may email unsubscribe@lasersafety.org or contact the BLS at 13501 Ingenuity Dr, Suite 128, Orlando, FL 32826. Tel:
+1.407.985.3810 Fax: +1.407.380.5588 

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ALT: Laser Institute of America  ALT: Laser Institute of America

Due to health concerns, the spring CLSO/CMLSO exam is being cancelled and the 2020 DOE workshop has been postponed. The fall exam will be held be held prior to the 2020 DOE workshop on August 17th, 2020. Our office team is working remotely and ready to assist you during our regular business hours!

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