Volume 10 – Issue 4


Volume 10 Issue 4
News & Review
Join us in welcoming our new CLSOs and CMLSOs…
Message from the Director

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website at www.lasersafety.org.

Reflecting our mission to provide a means for improvement in the practice of laser safety by providing opportunities for the education, assessment and recognition of laser safety professionals, the new website offers many convenient features. These include:

  • Easy-to-read news feed that allows for the timely release of critical laser safety information
  • Powerful cloud-based server that ensures speed and deliverability to all visitors
  • Intuitive, responsive design that is easily navigable on all devices

Our main impetus is the promotion of laser safety through the certification of laser safety officers; the user-friendly platform has been enhanced by simplifying and restructuring pages for better understanding and a more logical flow of certification information. We trust our CLSOs and CMLSOs alike will appreciate the revised pages on certification maintenance, streamlined to facilitate the renewal process.

With this in mind, if your certification cycle closes this December (12/31/16), now is the time to submit your completed CM worksheet and recertification fee. If you have any questions regarding your recertification, contact our office today!

In addition to our new website, BLS now has a Facebook presence. Like us at Board of Laser Safety.

Barbara Sams
Executive Director
Board of Laser Safety

In Safety News
Save the Date – The annual meeting of ASC Z136 will be held in conjunction with the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC®) at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, March 19, 2017. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00am local time.

Hotel Accommodations – Committee members are asked to make their reservations prior to February 15 to ensure room availability and to receive the conference room rate of $129 per night. A personal online group page for making reservations has been created by the hotel; to register please go to the ILSC hotel information page and follow the hotel reservation link.

Attend ILSC – While not mandatory to attend the conference in order to go to ASC Z136 meetings, the four-day conference addresses all areas of laser safety from bioeffects to hazard controls to what is ahead in standards and regulations. Complementing the scientific sessions are the practical applications seminars that focus on the everyday scenarios a LSO or MLSO may encounter. Early bird pricing is now available, register today and save!

Ancillary Meetings – Space is available Monday through Thursday for subcommittee or working group meetings on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in scheduling or attending an ancillary meeting, please contact Barbara Sams for further information.

ASC Z136 meetings are open to the public. If you have any questions regarding the annual meeting, would like a meeting agenda, and/or plan to attend as an observer, please email bsams@lia.org or call 407-380-1553.

ILSC 2017
As in previous years, the International Laser Safety Conference scientific sessions will be complemented by medical and technical practical applications seminars, MPAS and TPAS respectively, and once again our CMLSOs and CLSOs are leading the charge!

MPAS co-chairs, CMLSOs Vangie Dennis, Patti Owens, and Leslie Pollard, along with Dr. Kay Ball of Otterbein University, have subtitled MPAS “Laser Safety: More than Smoke and Mirrors”. From Patti, “The first day’s agenda promises to be an eye opening experience with the entire day focusing on the hazards of surgical smoke and plume.  The latest research will be presented analyzing the toxicity of surgical plume, the impact of chronic exposure to second hand smoke, recommended respiratory protection, new international initiatives and organizations, along with future legislation for management of this health hazard.”

“The second stimulating day will focus on management of collimated medical devices with exciting lectures addressing new applications of innovative laser technology, retinal and corneal injuries from exposure to lasers and Intense Pulsed Light, veterinary utilization of medical laser devices, Low Level Light therapy and PDT.  Also, the role of the Laser Safety Officer and how to produce positive safety outcomes for your staff and patient will be explored.” CMLSOs scheduled to speak include June Curley, Debra Miller, Carmen Rodriguez, John Sakaris, Robert Scoggins, and Penny Smalley.

Not to be outdone by their counterparts, the theme for TPAS “Back to the Basics – Laser Safety 101” is true to its word, declares co-chairs Eddie Ciprazo and Jamie King. Providing a full toolbox of information for every LSO in attendance, Wednesday morning kicks off with “So you are the LSO, now what?” and closes Thursday with “Resources for the LSO, don’t reinvent the wheel”.

A first for the conference as well as TPAS, an open forum panel discussion with the FDA is sure to be of interest. In addition to our chairs, CLSOs scheduled to speak include Ken Barat, Bill Ertle, Josh Hadler, DeWayne Holcomb, Tom Lieb, Randy Paura, David Sliney, and Mike Woods.

Early bird pricing for conference registration is now available – register today and save! Full conference registration includes admission to all scientific sessions, the opening and closing plenary sessions, both Practical Applications Seminars (MPAS and TPAS), conference receptions (Welcome Celebration and Sponsor Reception), the Awards Luncheon and conference proceedings.

Unable to attend the whole conference? One-day registration is an option – register for the day or days most applicable to your position. Remember one certification maintenance (CM) point will be awarded per day in attendance – bank points for your certification cycle!

Hotel reservations are also open and at special discount pricing until February 15, 2017. To register please go to the ILSC hotel information page and follow the hotel reservation link.

We look forward to seeing you there!

OSHA releases updated recommended practices to encourage workplace safety and health programs
WASHINGTON – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today released a set of Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs to help employers establish a methodical approach to improving safety and health in their workplaces.

The recommendations update OSHA’s 1989 guidelines to reflect changes in the economy, workplaces, and evolving safety and health issues. The recommendations feature a new, easier-to-use format and should be particularly helpful to small- and medium-sized businesses. Also new is a section on multi-employer workplaces and a greater emphasis on continuous improvement. Supporting tools and resources are included.

The programs are not prescriptive; they are built around a core set of business processes that can be implemented to suit a particular workplace in any industry. OSHA has seen them successfully implemented in manufacturing, construction, health care, technology, retail, services, higher education, and government.

Key principles include: leadership from the top to send a message that safety and health is critical to the business operations; worker participation in finding solutions; and a systematic approach to find and fix hazards.

“Since OSHA’s original guidelines were published more than 25 years ago, employers and employees have gained a lot of experience in how to use safety and health programs to systematically prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels. “We know that working together to implement these programs will help prevent injuries and illnesses, and also make businesses more sustainable.”

The OSHA recommendations include seven core elements for a safety and health program: management leadership; worker participation; hazard identification and assessment; hazard prevention and control; education and training; program evaluation and improvement; and communication and coordination for host employers, contractors and staffing agencies.

Dr. Michaels released the new document today at the National Safety Council Congress in Anaheim, Calif. In his remarks, he asked business groups and safety and health professionals to help spread the word through a campaign that encourages creation of a safety and health program using OSHA or other program recommendations that may be more appropriate to their businesses.

The recommendations are advisory only and do not create any new legal obligations or alter existing obligations created by OSHA standards or regulations.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. OSHA’s role is to ensure these conditions for America’s working men and women by setting and enforcing standards, and providing training, education and assistance. For more information, visit www.osha.gov.

Featured CLSO: Rod Nickell
Tell us about yourself

My name is Rod Nickell; I live in Merritt Island, Florida with my beautiful wife Sherri and three sons Sam, Brett and Colby.

I graduated from Cumberland College in Kentucky and the University of Central Florida in Orlando with degrees in Biology and Radiologic Science, respectively.

I have over 30 years professional experience in the Health Physics profession. The majority of which were at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC), where I managed the implementation of the Radiation Protection Programs (lasers, ionizing radiation and RF) as part of the Environmental and Medical support contract. Prior to working at KSC, I worked for private industry, the State of Florida, and the U.S. Air Force. My professional career encompasses both managerial experience over professional HP staff and technical experience in such areas as laser safety, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, preparation and inspection of radioactive material licenses, evaluation of high-power lasers, radiofrequency radiation, and space power applications.

I am a Certified Laser Safety Officer and this year was appointed as a National Fellow in the Health Physics Society. I currently work under NASA’s Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer as the Agency’s Health Physicist. Being part of this great team with Great Southern Engineering is truly a capstone to my career. As the CLSO, I serve on NASA’s Laser Safety Review Board (LSRB). The LSRB collaborates with other NASA Centers CLSOs/LSOs on their laser research projects that involve outdoor laser operations. This board will help ensure laser safety remains an integral part of NASA’s laser research projects.

Being a CLSO was paramount in me being chosen for the Agency Health Physicist position. BLS certification demonstrates to stakeholders that you have the specific knowledge, skills and commitment to the laser profession.

Featured CMLSO: John C. Sakaris
Tell us about yourself

John C. Sakaris RN CNOR CMLSO – I am currently the Laser Coordinator for Perioperative Services at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. I received my Associate of Applied Science Degree in 1967 and my Associate Degree in Nursing in 1976. I have been a CNOR for 25 plus years, and CMLSO since 2008.

How did you become LSO?

I started working with lasers in the late 1970’s, specifically the CO2. At my previous position with the Memorial Hermann Hospital System, I was asked to be the MLSO. I agreed to take the position and was sent to a MLSO training course.

Do you like being a CMLSO?

I enjoy being the MLSO; I welcome any challenges and enjoy facing and resolving them.

Has becoming certified helped you in your career?

Being certified has given me a lot more credibility and the ability to network with other people in our field of Laser Safety.

Meet John at ILSC, where he is scheduled to present “Something New Under the Sun for Holmium Laser Technology” during the Medical Practical Applications Seminar (MPAS).


CLSO Daniel Alexander

CLSO Oliver Chan

CLSO Edward Kelly

CLSO Marcum Martz

CMLSO Man Yu Chen

CMLSO Valerie Herrera

CMLSO Wen-ya Hsu

CMLSO Subashri Kurgatt

CMLSO Scott Lutzen

CMLSO Denise McNutt

Save the Dates
Refresher Training – Earn CM Points!

LSO Courses

LSO with Hazard Analysis (LIA)
Orlando, FL
01/30/2017 – 02/03/2017

Principles of Lasers & LSO Course (RLI)
Phoenix, AZ
02/06/2017 – 02/10/2017

Comprehensive LSO (Kentek)
San Diego, CA
02/06/2017 – 02/10/2017

LSO with Hazard Analysis (LIA)
St. Louis, MO
03/06/2017 – 03/10/2017

MLSO Courses

Medical Laser Safety Officer Online (LIA)

Medical Laser Safety Officer (LIA)
Orlando, FL
01/28/2017 – 01/29/2017

Medical Laser Safety Officer (LIA)
St. Louis, MO
03/04/2017 – 03/05/2017

Medical LSO (Reliable Laser Solutions)
Phoenix, AZ

Medical LSO (Reliable Laser Solutions)
Tucson, AZ

Medical LSO (Reliable Laser Solutions)
Las Vegas, NV



Join us in honoring all CLSOs and CMLSOs who have celebrated their 10-year certification anniversary, commemorative pins will be presented during the BLS Reception at ILSC. The reception will be open to all CLSOs, CMLSOs and any ILSC attendees interested in LSO certification.

Tools of the Trade


ANSI Z136.9

ANSI Z136.9

ANSI Z136.8





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