CLSO Profile

Who are you? 
Jerry Warthan

What is your educational background? 
Graduate of the University of Texas Arlington with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a long time ago, 1972 BC (Before Calculators)

Master of Science in Business from the
University of Texas – Dallas 1980 AF (After Calculators)

Where do you work? 
L-3 Communication Link Simulation and Training; 10 years as Hardware Engineering Manager.

When did you start working with lasers? How long have you worked with lasers?
I received LSO training in 2002; received my CLSO in 2004 in Chicago.

My laser experience at L-3 includes 25 watt RGB Class 4 Lasers used as image projection in a 40 ft diameter dome. The dome surrounds an F18 cockpit and is used for immersive pilot training.

Becoming an LSO

How did you become the LSO? 
L-3 was in need of an additional resource in engineering to develop and maintain product safety. Already being the Safety Engineer for Link the natural selection (directed by the boss) was let Jerry do it!

Do you like being the LSO? Challenges of “today’s” LSO? 
As with any certification the responsibilities and implications become apparent when those that know impart knowledge to those that don’t.  Already attuned to Safety within the company, the LSO challenge made me aware of the significant responsibility for personnel safety.

Internal company audits peak the interest in making sure the processes work and are adequate to protect people and make a safe working environment.

I really find accomplishment in the training of new users of laser systems and in passing the annual audits! It’s like; I told you the first time, all is ok and then the confirmation that it really is ok. Auditors don’t take it very lightly.

The LSO/CLSO is a focal point for information and process control. Challenges for the LSO/CLSO are numerous. Cost of implementing and maintaining a Laser Safety system is always being challenged by program managers. The LSO/CLSO has to be consistent, direct and convincing of the safety issues and requirements to those that really don’t understand the liabilities.

I enjoy being the CLSO for L-3.

Becoming a CMLSO

How has becoming certified helped and/or benefited you in your career? 
The training systems produced by L-3 are required to have a service life of 25 years. Talking about job security, it’s practically built in! Even though that’s not stated in my annual reviews, I find the work with lasers and especially the laser industry people a satisfying endeavor. In a competitive market for L-3 products making a distinction that there is a robust process for safety and in house support to the end user has inherent value to the LSO/CLSO.

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Due to health concerns, the spring CLSO/CMLSO exam is being cancelled and the 2020 DOE workshop has been postponed. The fall exam will be held be held prior to the 2020 DOE workshop on August 17th, 2020. Our office team is working remotely and ready to assist you during our regular business hours!

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