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Profile of a CLSO

Joshua Hadler, CLSO
Physicist / LSO

I am currently the Chief Laser Safety Officer for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and have been with NIST since July 2002. I have been a Laser Safety Officer within the Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division since 2003. I am a Physicist and Calibration Leader in the Laser Radiometry project of the Quantum Electronics and Photonics division in Boulder, CO. In addition to my scientific duties, I am the program manager for the laboratory laser safety program at NIST.

Prior to joining NIST, I was an Engineering Physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, in Menlo Park, CA, with numerous scientific and safety responsibilities. Following my work at SLAC, I worked at the University of Colorado at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, helping develop experimental space flight instrumentation. Between CU and NIST, I worked at ILX Lightwave, in Boulder, developing fiber optic test and measurement equipment.

I feel my experience brings a valuable combination of research and industry perspective to both the scientific and safety duties required at a research facility such as NIST.

In 2010, I received my certification for Certified Laser Safety Officer and as such, it has expanded my network of highly experienced people within the laser safety community. I have had opportunities to communicate, and collaborate with more people in the laser safety community since receiving my certification. This in turn has allowed me to better execute my duties as Chief Laser Safety Officer at NIST.