CMLSO Profile

Who are you? 
Sharli Frederiksen, CSP, CMLSO

What is your educational background? 
I have a BS in Microbiology, am a Certified Safety Professional (9 years), and a CMLSO (3 years).   I have worked primarily in the healthcare and research settings.  My safety experience has included Industrial Hygiene, Life Safety, Security, and Risk Management – all important aspects of Laser safety, too.

Where do you work? 
Mayo Clinic in

When did you start working with lasers? How long have you worked with lasers? 
I have worked with lasers for 18 years.

Becoming an LSO

How did you become the LSO? 
The LSO for Mayo Clinic is a physician.  I am the Secretary to the Laser Safety Subcommittee and support the LSO in his role as Chair of the Subcommittee.  Our laser safety subcommittee has three members that hold the CMLSO designation.

Do you like being the LSO? Challenges of “today’s” LSO? 
I am very proud of the work that Mayo Clinic has done with laser safety in Arizona.  We have excellent leadership from physicians, and the regulatory presence is well respected here.  My greatest challenge is that staff coming to Arizona from other states are not accustomed to our level of laser safety so there is an education curve for them to understand why we do the things we do.

Becoming a CMLSO

How has becoming certified helped and/or benefited you in your career? 
Being certified has given me more confidence in my role, more credibility with my colleagues, and wonderful connections to experts in the field.

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