The LSO course I took offered a certificate of completion after I completed the quiz at the end of the training. Is this the same as being certified?

No. The certificate of course completion that is offered after you successfully pass a course does not denote LSO certification. BLS LSO certification is only achieved by passing the relevant certification exam. The exam is 100-questions and is only offered to those who have applied prior to the course, have been approved, and have paid the exam and application fees.


I took the paper and pencil exam. When and how will I receive my results?

Because the paper-and-pencil exam is scored by a third-party (to maintain the integrity of the exam), it can take up to three weeks to receive your results. Typically results are first sent by email, and then followed-up by mail using the address provided on your initial exam application.


If I take the computer-based test, how long will it take to receive my results? 

Results for the computer-based test are immediate upon completion of the exam. The results will be provided by the testing center. Your score will be sent to BLS, and we will be in contact with you about next steps.


How long is the certification cycle if I pass the exam?

The certification cycle for CLSOs and CMLSOs is three (3) calendar years and is maintained through Certification Maintenance (CM) activities related to laser safety and laser applications. The CM points and renewal dues ($150) are to be submitted to the BLS at the end of every three (3) year cycle.


What if I don’t pass the exam?

If you do not pass the exam and wish to retake it, please notify the BLS in writing (email, mail, or fax). After paying the retake fee of $100, you may retake the exam one (1) time during your two-year window of approval to sit for the exam. At this time, BLS offers computer-based testing through Prov, Inc. A list of testing locations can be found here: Prov Testing Centers

If you fail to achieve a passing score on your second attempt, you must wait until your two-year window of approval closes to reapply with a new application, application fee, and new references.


What materials should I study in order to prepare for the exam?

For studying, we recommend reviewing all relevant standards (CDRH/FDA, Z136.1, IEC, etc). The CLSO exam primarily references the Z136.1 (2014), and the CMLSO exam primarily references the Z136.3 (2011), so it is important to be very familiar with the document relevant to the exam you are registered for.

A list of areas of practice covered by each exam can be found in the CLSO Policies and Procedures, pages 8 – 10 and CMLSO Policies and Procedures, pages 7-9.

For the CLSO exam, our review board has prepared a reference guide: CLSO Exam Reference Guide 


Where can I locate a computer-based testing center near me?

The computer-based exam is currently available only in the United States. Testing locations can be searched here: Prov Testing Centers


How do I schedule a computer-based exam? 

Once an examinee has been accepted to take the exam, they will receive registration details in an email. It is then the responsibility of the individual to request a date and location to take the exam through the online scheduling system with Prov, Inc. or to call Prov to schedule. To schedule your exam, visit: https://provexam.com/scheduler

For scheduling instructions, review the Candidate Information Bulletin from Prov.


The testing center I want to choose doesn’t show any availability in Prov’s online scheduler. Can I still test there?

When a testing site appears on Prov’s list and does not show dates, it may be by appointment only. To schedule at this center you will need to call Prov toll-free at 1.866.720.7768 .


How much does the exam cost? 

All candidates are asked to pay a USD $50 non-refundable application fee. After approval to sit for the exam, candidates will be charged the exam fee by BLS: $300 for CLSO or $200 for CMLSO. Additional information on retake fees, rescheduling fees, and late fees can be found on the fees section of our website. All exam fees are paid directly to BLS.


Are testing accommodations available? 

Yes, testing Accomodations (ADA and non-ADA) can be requested through our third-party testing partner, Prov.

Have other questions?

Visit www.lasersafety.org for more information, or email bls@lasersafety.org



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