By Candace Soles, CLSO, Coherent Inc.


Who should own the new ANSI standard Z136.9?  You, if you work in a manufacturing environment. The ANSI Z136.9 Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments is a newly released American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard intended to protect against the hazards of laser radiation typically present in manufacturing environments or industrial settings.

Anyone who administers laser safety for their company or industry knows the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers is the must-have guidance document for implementing a tip-top laser safety program in support of employee safety, visitor safety, infrastructure safety, and ultimately OSHA compliance. Most laser safety officers are intimately familiar with the broad-scope nature of Z136.1, and as imperative as this document is to the LSO there are additional standards that provide industry-specific guidance to help simplify compliance and minimize safety risks and hazards. The Z136.9 Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments is such a document, specifically for the LSO who addresses safety risks commonly created by lasers in use in manufacturing and industrial settings. 

While Z136.9 contains the classic sections found in Z136.1, some sections have been streamlined and some sections have been expanded or modified to provide the most relevant information for a manufacturing-specific environment. The new standard allows the LSO to easily pinpoint the information necessary to determine the magnitude of a laser radiation risk, associated control measures, training requirements and much more.  Implementing a solid safety program within the diverse range of laser-using industries is achievable with the aid of this latest standard – it’s the newest must-have tool for LSO’s toolbox!

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