Tell us about yourself

I am Jerry Bowles, I have a BA in Physics, from Central Washington University.

I work for The Boeing Company, Radiation Health Protection Group, in Seattle, WA.

When did you start working with lasers?

I started working with lasers in 1989 as the "the Laser guy", and have been working laser safety for twenty eight years; the last 13 years as a CLSO.

How did you become the LSO?

I was hired into Boeing in 1989 to oversee lasers in the Puget Sound area. The company reorganized in the early nineties and I became the company laser safety SME (Subject Matter Expert). I then earned my certification in February 2004.

Do you like being the LSO? What do you feel are the LSO's challenges today?

I have had the opportunity to be involved with laser safety in an industrial, research and military environment. I have been able to participate in a lot of interesting projects over the years.

Developing and providing training to a wide range of laser users has been educational for me as well, I think making me a better LSO. Providing training to all levels of laser users has been challenging at times. The establishment of laser controlled areas and evaluating widely varied applications has also been challenging.

How has becoming certified benefited you in your career?

I have been associated with LIA and BLS for many years. The contacts made with these organizations have proven to be a great resource.

Being certified provides a level of credibility that users respect.