June 2008

BLS News & Review

Volume 2, Number 2

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- Executive Director's Message
- Welcome New CLSOs/CMLSOs
- CLSO/CMLSO Profiles

- Special LIA Membership Rate

- LSO Workshop
- CLSOs Best Practices
- BLS Certification Around the World
- ILSC 2009 Update!

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Executive Director's Message

"Coming up to speed with respect to the day to day activities of the BLS is an exciting challenge for me, as well as developing new innovations to further enhance BLS and the certification process," said Sams.

That quote may be how some of you were introduced to me; others have known me for years as LIA's Standards Director. While I may be more knowledgeable with respect to the activities of our ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z136, I am making progress on the BLS learning curve as well.

One thing I have come to realize in very short order is the importance of listening to you, our CLSOs and CMLSOs. For example, thanks to your suggestions some new initiatives under development include seeking approval for veterans benefits (Jerry Bogert) and making BLS merchandise available for CLSOs and CMLSOs (Eddie Ciprazo, Bob Sarason).

I hope you will enjoy this issue of the BLS News & Review and please continue to let me know what we can do to "further enhance BLS and the certification process". Feel free to contact me anytime at bsams@lasersafety.org or meet me at the 4th Annual LSO Workshop,
July 15-17 in Albuquerque.

Barbara Sams
Executive Director

Welcome new CLSOs and CMLSOs

Eduardo Bendek European Southern Observatory
Richard Fowler   FLIR
Richard Harvey Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Sylvain Raymond  National Research Council of Canada
Kevin Sargalis   Appleton, Inc
Sandra Bagdad Avante Lasers & Medi Spa
Judith Biggus Central DuPage Hospital
David Browne    Montgomery General Hospital
Susan Cacciatorre   
William Cave  EMSD
Chun Kit Chan EMSD
Sin Cheung, Bonny Chan Hospital Authority
Tim Ming Chan EMSD
Ying Tat, Daniel Chan  United Christian Hospital
Kathy Cheek-Schumacher Memorial Hospital of Carbondale
Pong Chi, Alex Choi  EMSD
Yiu Mo, Moises Chu   Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, MPD
Lois Decoux  St Joseph Hospital
Jobie Ford  Temple University Hospital
John Gough  Swedish Medical Center
Lori Haney  Celibre Medical Corporation
Sui Kei Heung EMSD
Sui Ming Ho   EMSD
Judy Hubbard  Avante Laser & Medispa
Hing Hoi Hung  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dept of Surgery
Linda Kaley   PSL Medical Center
Lai Ping, Ada Ko   Operating  Theatre, Queen Mary Hospital
Po Lun Kwong   EMSD
Ming Wai Law EMSD
Kwok Man Lee EMSD
Ming Him Mak Hospital Authority
Eileen McGowan  Avante Laser & Medispa
Lau Chi Ming  EMSD
Man To Ng   EMSD
Gregory Nightingale Southwest Washington Medical Center
Chung Yin Poon EMSD
Jeneen Reed   VA Medical Center
Robert Scroggins  St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Hau Yee, Clara Shiu Hospital Authority
Jennifer Smith Monroe Clinic
Hon Sang Tse  EMSD, HKSARG
Tak Kwong, Sunny Wong  EMSD
Yin Kam Wong EMSD
Peng Wu Princess Margaret Hospital
Chi Yeung Yam EMSD
Wan Yee Yip Operating Theatre, Tseung Kwan O Hospital
Lung Cheung Zee Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Go to the BLS website to view complete listings of CLSOs and CMLSOs.

Profile of CLSO/CMLSO

Special LIA Membership Rate for CLSOs and CMLSOs

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is currently offering a special membership rate only available to CLSOs and CMLSOs – 3 years for $225! 

As you know, maintaining certification is an important and vital part of becoming a CLSO or CMLSO. Membership in a laser safety related professional or technical organization or society earns valuable certification maintenance (CM) points, with a maximum of 3 CM points total per 3-year term (1 CM point given per year of membership). 

By taking advantage of the LIA membership offer (in addition to fulfilling the CM requirement), you can stay abreast of current industry and technology changes through:

  1. Peer-reviewed technical articles in your complimentary subscription to the Journal of Laser Applications® which includes free access to all articles online (an excellent publication forum for your technical work as well).
  2. Industry news received through your complimentary subscription to the LIA Today.
  3. Attendance at LIA conferences, e.g., the International Laser Safety Conference, with a substantial discount on registration.

Sign up by downloading this application form, completing and submitting to LIA or call the LIA office at 407-380-1553.

4th Annual LSO Advanced Training Workshop

The 4th Annual Laser Safety Officer Advanced Training Workshop will be held July 15-17 at Sandia National Laboratories, Kirtland Air Force Base Albuquerque, NM.  Join us at this one-of-a-kind program on laser safety issues, intended for individuals with LSO responsibilities or with interest in a research or academic setting who want to update and expand their knowledge.

CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety

Don’t forget the CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety is now available through the LIA.  Our thanks go out again to all the CLSOs who contributed to this excellent book. A must-have for the CLSO, whether new to the task or an experienced veteran, it is our sincere hope that the CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety will help to better facilitate the safe use of lasers everywhere.

BLS Certification around the World

Look at the list of new CLSOs and CMLSOs since the last BLS News & Review and you will notice quite a few Chinese surnames.  In March, the certified medical laser safety officer examination was administered to 32 candidates following an MLSO course in Hong Kong, with 27 of those (84%) earning their CMLSO certification.

New CLSO Eduardo Bendek hails from the European Southern Observatory, Santiago, Chile. After completing candidate prerequisites, he flew into Miami, FL to sit for the certified laser safety officer exam at one of our computer-based locations.

Kudos to all of our international CLSOs and CMLSOs for going the extra mile to achieve their certifications!

ILSC® 2009 Update

The 2009 International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC) will take place at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Resort Hotel in Reno, NV.  Scheduled for March 23-27, this four-day event will cover all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard controls.  Topics range from safety standards legislation to bioeffects, from protective measures to outdoor lasers, from non-beam hazards and fume extraction to high powered lasers and their applications. Laser safety experts from all over the world will meet to discuss their research, programs and standards.

Interested in something more practical?  Then you will find the Laser Safety Practical Applications Seminar (PAS)  particularly useful.  Intended for LSOs who are not full-time laser safety professionals, participants will be involved in practical interactive workshops, panel discussions, and hot topics addressing the more common safety issues and concerns of the day-to-day operations in commercial, factory, research, and medical facility settings. PAS is a two-day event that will be held March 23-24, in conjunction with ILSC 2009.

ASC Z136 Members – remember the ASC Z136 Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday,
March 22, prior to the opening of the conference.  This meeting is open to observers who have a direct and material interest in the activities of the committee.

Coming Soon – BLS Merchandise!