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November 2009

BLS News & Review

Volume 3, Number 4

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Executive Director’s Message
Welcome New CLSOs/CMLSOs
Special LIA Membership Rate

ASC Z136 Update
IEC TC 76 Meetings in ’09 and ’10

My Traveling ANSI

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ASC Z136

Board of Laser Safety
13501 Ingenuity Drive, # 128

Orlando, FL 32826
Ph: 407-380-1553
Ph: 800-34LASER

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Executive Director’s Message

In the February 2009 issue of the BLS News & Review, the topic of certification maintenance was discussed. How quickly this year has gone by — it is again time to address this subject.

Over the course of the year, we received calls and emails primarily from our CMLSOs, who expressed concerns related to achieving their certification maintenance (CM) points. Specifically, some CMLSOs felt that the CM point category parameters did not realistically reflect the experience, duties and opportunities available to health care professionals. High on the list was the inability to attend conferences, workshops or off-site continuing education (training) due to travel restrictions, which many of us can relate to even outside of the medical community. The subject of teaching was debated; either it is not an option or is part of the job and therefore considered on-the-job experience. For some, membership in a professional organization is cost prohibitive and the individual would only be joining “to get the 1 CM point.”

Obviously it was time to reconvene the BLS Review Board to review and revise the CM point category parameters and procedures for our CMLSOs. The ad-hoc group of four CLSOs and four CMLSOs was assembled, and under the leadership of Tim Hitchcock, it evaluated and updated the CMLSOs‘ CM point category parameters. Revisions include increasing the maximum number of points allowed in the continuing education category, adding credit for published magazine or newsletter articles and/or reviewing journal articles*, and allowing credit for earning other professional certifications. Category descriptions have been clarified and examples have been added. Lastly, for those unable to obtain the required 10 points over the course of their 3-year cycle, the option to retake the exam is now available.

Subsequently, the group completed a cursory review of the adequacy and appropriateness of the CLSOs CM point category parameters. The Review Board agreed that the CM point category parameters should remain consistent between the two groups and noted that, as stated previously, some CLSOs are facing the same cost-cutting measures as the CMLSOs, e.g., reduced company support for organizational membership, travel restrictions, etc. Updated Certification Maintenance Manuals are posted on the BLS website, www.lasersafety.org.

If you are completing your 3-year cycle this December 31st, start looking for your recertification packet from the BLS. Submission of your worksheet and recertification fee is due by January 31, 2010. If you have any questions about your renewal please contact Hydee Cash at hcash@lasersafety.org or me at bsams@lasersafety.org, or either of us by phone, 407-380-5833.

Barbara Sams
Executive Director
*Titles and access information for acceptable journal articles will be delivered via the BLS News & Review e-newsletter. The Journal Article Verification Worksheet may be downloaded from the BLS website.

Welcome New CLSOs and CMLSOs

Daniel Capostagno
Boston Scientific
Colin Hawthorn
Gas Technology Institute
Steve Morin
Insight Technology
Hayri Sapmaz
Boston Scientific
Dale Troendle
Icon Systems
Tiki Wong
CSA International


Virginia Arnold
Sierra View District Hospital
R. Douglas Coleman
Union Hospital of Cecil County
Scott Easter
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Cheryl Levie
William Nickell, M.D.
Medical Spa Moksha
Stephanie Pallares
Sierra View District Hospital
Loura Petsche
Children’s Hosptial of Omaha
Theodore Walden
St Vincent Hospital
Amanda Clifton Harton Regional Medical Center

Go to the BLS website to view complete listings of CLSOs and CMLSOs.

Profile of CLSO/CMLSO

Special LIA Membership Rate for CLSOs and CMLSOs

The Laser Institute of America would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on obtaining your certification and invite you to become a member of the LIA. Membership in a laser safety related professional or technical organization or society earns valuable certification maintenance (CM) points, with a maximum of 3 CM points total for the term (1 CM point given per year of membership).

Start earning your certification maintenance (CM) points today at the special LIA membership rate for CLSOs and CMLSOs — 3 years for $235!

Maintaining certification is an important and vital part of becoming a CLSO or CMLSO. As the industry and technology changes, so must the knowledge of a CLSO and CMLSO.  One way to keep abreast of the current technology is by utilizing these LIA membership benefits, among others:

  • Complimentary subscription to the peer reviewed Journal of Laser Applications® including free access to all articles online (an excellent publication forum for your technical work as well)
  • Complimentary subscription to LIA Today
  • Discounts on registration for LIA conferences, such as the International Laser Safety Conference

Sign up now to take advantage of this special membership offer, only available to CLSOs and CMLSOs.  Complete and return the provided LIA membership application today.

For a complete listing of CM Points categories, go to www.lasersafety.org and choose certification maintenance or refer to your Certification Maintenance Manual.

ASC Z136 Update

The 2010 annual meeting of ASC Z136 will be held on Friday, March 12, 2010 at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, Calif.  We have been able to secure rooms at the government per diem rate of $132/single for all attendees. A personal online group page for making reservations has been created for our group by the hotel; please follow this link to register:

Ancillary Meetings
The following meetings have been scheduled in conjunction with the annual meeting:

Day/Date Time Committee Contact Person
Wed., Mar 10 8a — 5p SSC-6  Outdoor Lasers Robert Aldrich
  8a — noon SSC-9  Manufacturing Tom Lieb
Thurs., Mar 11 8a — 5p SSC-1  Safe Use of Lasers Ben Rockwell
  8a — noon TSC-1  Bioeffects Bruce Stuck
  1p — 3p SSC-8  R&D and Testing Ken Barat
  3p — 5p ADCOM (closed meeting) Barbara Sams
Sat., Mar 13 8a — noon TSC-7  Analysis & Applications Wes Marshall

Committee Dinner
As in previous years, committee members and observers are invited to join us on Thursday evening for dinner. For meal planning purposes, please email Barbara Sams at bsams@lasersafety.org to let us know you are coming.

The ASC Z136 annual meeting is open to the public. If you have any questions regarding the meeting (e.g., would like a meeting agenda or plan to attend as an observer), or if you are interested in attending an ancillary committee meeting, please contact Barbara.

IEC TC 76 Meetings in 2009 and 2010

Contributed by Jerry Dennis, LIA Fellow

Technical Committee 76 on Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment of the International Electrotechnical Commission met during the week of September 28 in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.  Among several issues covered was the need for increased liaison between TC 76 and other technical committees that write standards for electrical and electronic products that incorporate lasers or non-coherent sources of optical radiation.  Because lasers are now incorporated into so many diverse products, the need for communicating to other committees the philosophy of TC 76 in addressing the hazards of lasers and other sources is becoming of even greater importance.  These other committees and their products include:

  • TC 34A    Lamps and lamp systems
  • TC 61       Home appliances including toys, sunlamps and infrared heaters
  • TC 62       Electrical medical equipment
  • TC 66       Laboratory and measuring equipment
  • TC 86       Fiber optics communication equipment
  • TC 100     Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment
  • TC 108     Audio/video, information technology and communication technology

Issues that TC 76 is now addressing include a new standard for intense pulsed lights being used in medical and aesthetic applications, updating of the standard for fiber-optic communications systems, labeling graphics and simplification, simplified criteria for laser hazard classification, and refinement of the standards for high power lasers in machine tools.

TC 76 has been invited to meet again at the General Meeting of the IEC in October 2010 in Seattle, Washington.   Technical Committees 34, 61, 62, 86, 100 and 108 have also been invited to meet during the General Meeting, providing unusual and outstanding opportunities to strengthen liaisons with committees having related responsibilities.  TC 76 chairman Jerry Dennis, Secretary Bill Ertle of Rockwell Laser Industries, and all of TC 76 are most grateful to the agencies and organizations in the United States who have most generously contributed to the support of TC 76 to make the invitation to Seattle 2010 now a reality.

My Traveling ANSI – CONTEST!

We know that’s Bob Sarason, but where has he taken our ANSI Z136.1 now? I’ll tell you this much, it’s not UC Davis.

The first person who can tell us where “My Traveling ANSI” and Bob are in the photo above will receive a BLS polo shirt. The next four will receive runner-up gifts. Get your guess in today! We need the town and state please.

Have you taken your ANSI someplace interesting and/or unusual? Send in your photo of “My Traveling ANSI” to share with friends and colleagues to BLS@lasersafety.org.


Due to health concerns, the spring CLSO/CMLSO exam is being cancelled and the 2020 DOE workshop has been postponed. The fall exam will be held be held prior to the 2020 DOE workshop on August 17th, 2020. Our office team is working remotely and ready to assist you during our regular business hours!

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