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BLS News & ReviewVolume 5 / Number 3LME 2011
LIA’s Laser for Manufacturing Event (LME) will be the place to see the latest in laser technology and will provide attendees with a one stop event to learn about automation equipment, laser choices, beam delivery, safety considerations, applications development and meet exhibitors that supply these products & services.LME is designed to give designers and manufacturers everything they need to understand lasers and laser systems, and employ them effectively and profitably, as U.S. manufacturers modernize and upgrade their technology to remain competitive in the global economy.One of the main highlights of LME is the laser technology showcase. The show floor will be equipped with two theater areas where more than 20 exhibitors will present slides and videos of their equipment and examples of parts manufacturing their equipment. Exhibitors will discuss the advantages of their approaches. Examples of laser-manufactured parts will also be on display at their booths.

The educational program will feature four free 30-minute presentations on the impact of laser technology in laser-additive manufacturing and the aerospace, automotive and medical device industries. Meanwhile, free one-hour refresher courses will keep attendees up-to-date on the main laser types used for manufacturing, laser systems, the advantages of laser-based vs. conventional approaches and basic laser safety.

For additional information about LME please contact LIA at 407.380.1553 or lme@lia.org.

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Director’s Message
LSO Workshop 2011- Overviews
ASC Z136 Update
Featured LSOs
Welcome Our New LSOs
National Institute of Laser Safety Officers and Health Physicists (NILSOHP)
LME 2011- General Info
Special Offer from LIA!
New BLS Merchandise!
Earning CM Points through Journal Reviews
Attend the Advance LSO course for CM points!

Director’s Message
This year’s 7th Annual DOE Laser Safety Officer Workshop, hosted by MIT in Cambridge, MA boasted over 30 presentations delivered to 180 attendees. Add to this: three mini-workshops, a full-day vendor program, a night at the ballgame, an after-hours social at the MIT Museum and the opportunity to sit for the CLSO or CMLSO exam, and you will begin to understand why many consider it the premier LSO workshop in the U.S.Keynote speaker, Jeff Hecht kicked-off the workshop with an overview of the history of laser technology. He was followed by Bill Ertle who presented an update of the ANSI Z136 series of laser safety standards. Mark McLear gave us a glimpse into the future of laser eyewear, while Josh Hadler shared the NIST laser safety perspective. Lunch provided the opportunity to attend one of two laser analysis software demonstrations or learn about becoming a certified LSO or MLSO. (Shout out! to our CLSOs and CMLSO Penny Smalley who participated in the Q&A portion of the BLS presentation – you guys are awesome!) Later in the day, Dennis Ford and Tom Lieb spoke about laser safety in the manufacturing/industrial environment. As the first day’s sessions came to a close, it was easy to see the range of topics was far outside what one would receive in a basic LSO training course.

And then there was Fenway Park… bet you would never guess that this was my first professional baseball game. The weather didn’t quite cooperate, but although rain-delayed the game went on and the Red Sox won!

Day two was the vendor program, as well as the dedicated medical laser safety session. Wearing dual hats (BLS & LIA), traffic around the vendor booths was quite heavy throughout the day. In addition to our laser safety colleagues, we had the unique opportunity to share our services and products with MIT campus visitors, many of whom considering MIT as the next step in their educational journey – maybe now considering laser safety and/or applications too!

Find overviews from CLSOs Wes Marshall, Richard Shea, Antonio Triventi, Michael Lefebvre, and Ahsan Chowdary in this newsletter, along with photos from the week.

Next year – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA

Hope to see you there!

Barbara Sams
Executive Director

ASC Z136 Update

Welcome Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z136 new members! A membership ballot was conducted this summer and the following applicants were overwhelmingly approved for membership! Read More

Earning CM Points through Journal Reviews

Listed below is a new paper on LGACs submitted to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. You may review this article for .5 (half) CM point(s).

Laser-Generated Air Contaminants from Medical Laser Applications: A State-of-the-Science Review of Exposure Characterization, Health Effects, and Control

Any/all FULL TEXT articles will be accepted. The Journal Article Verification Worksheet may be downloaded from the BLS website.

If you are aware of any articles that you feel would be appropriate for review, please let the BLS know by contacting Barbara Sams or Jennifer Craft, or call 407-380-5833.

Remember too that published magazine or newsletter submissions (print or online) will be accepted at a ½ CM point per article. Contributions to the BLS News & Review are welcome!

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LSO Workshop 2011 – Overviews

This year’s LSO Workshop was attended by many of your fellow colleagues! Here’s what they had to say about the Workshop.

Department of Energy Seventh Annual LSO Workshop, Wes Marshall

My Review of the Seventh Annual Workshop, Richard Shea

2011 DOE LSO Workshop: Focusing Words, Antonio Triventi

The Seventh DOE LSO Workshop, Michael Lefebvre

7th Annual Laser Safety Officer Workshop, August 2-4, 2011, Ahsan Chowdary

Check out these great photos sent in by the attendees!


LSO Workshop 2011


National Institute of Laser Safety Officers and Health Physicists (NILSOHP)

The Board of Laser Safety is proud to introduce NILSOHP, founded by one of our very own, Antonio Triventi, CLSO.


With great satisfaction I can finally announce the launch of NILSOHP, the National Institute for Laser Safety Officers and Health Physicists.

NILSOHP is a not-for-profit Organization designed to drive the diffusion of a new culture of excellence in the professional fields of Laser Safety and Health Physics. NILSOHP introduces of a novel approach to protection against the risk of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, particularly laser radiation, facilitating professional relationships and networking among Laser Safety Officers and Health Physicists.

I, Antonio Triventi, am the proud President of the Organization.

Further information about the vision and the mission of NILSOHP can be found at www.nilsohp.org

Attend the Advanced LSO course for CM Points!!

As the year comes to a close, many CLSOs are scrambling to get all their Certification Maintenance (CM) Points together to ensure renewal for their upcoming 3-year term. One way to earn 3 CM Points is to attend LIA’s Advanced Laser Safety Officer Training Course, September 19-21, 2011 in Silver Springs, MD.

  • The class will be visiting the FDA – Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) laboratory. While visiting the CDRH, the class will participate in a laser measurement demonstration session. Shortly after, the class will perform a laser safety audit of a few specific designated laboratories.

For more information, click here or contact Hydee Cash at the LIA office at hcash@lia.org.


•Judi Reilly, CLSO



Patrick Anderson MedTronic


Saleh Jany The Ministry of Higher Education
Michelle Hughes HCA Healthcare
Kelly Exezidis Texas Childrens Hospital
Deborah Fuentes Pioneer Valley Surgicenter
Candace Bevers St Mary’s Health System
Michael Sykes Covenant Healthcare
Barbara J. Miller Firelands Regional Medical Center
Sharon Maxwell Catabwa Valley Medical Center
Michelle Hughes Sacred Heart Hospital
Heather Lorenz University of Toledo
Robert Hribljan Halton Healthcare Services
Natalie Booker Providence Health System
Timothy Jobe Providence Health System
Abeer Abdullah Al-Mandani KFSHRC
Linda Johnson Goulden Beaumont Surgical Affiliates
Ali Maksoud KFSHRC
Brian Judah Providence St. Vincent
Rogayah Sweilem KFSHRC
David Welch Spectra Safety
Maggie Cudzich La Piel Perfecta
Tamarah Cline Good Shepherd Health Care Systems
Dorothy Sordoni Inova Alexandria Hospital
Beatriz Davenport Medi-Spa
Nancy Kocher Aultman Hospital
Nicole Byrd Willis-Knighton Health Systems
Paul Sorenson Norhtrop Gruman
Cathryn Ornelas Shannon Medical Center


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